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The Collector’s Guide: Clive Collett

Clive Collett, vintage clothing collector and bespoke tailoring connoisseur is a gentleman of exquisite taste – as his association with Savile Row’s Chittleborough & Morgan testifies. But then what else would one expect of a long-time subscriber to The Rake?

Words Aleks Cvetkovic Photography Justin Hast
The Rake, Clive Collett

Often when we produce a ‘Pocket Guide’, it’ll be on a menswear industry aficionado. It is hard to describe what a pleasure it is then, to find a gentleman who enjoys good clothing even though it has no bearing on his professional life. “Part of it comes from my grandfather,” says Clive Collet, tailoring connoisseur, vintage-hunter and long-time subscriber to The Rake, “he was a stylish gentleman and rakish in his own way you might say. He was a pub pianist in Battersea, and used to frequently be taken out of the pubs he played horizontally. I got into the magazine years ago because I love good clothes – it was such a breath of fresh air to have a magazine that dealt with that area of men’s clothing in such depth.” Speaking of a breath of fresh air, we hope you’ll agree that Clive’s own personal take on classic style is as refreshing as can be.

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Aleks Cvetkovic
Aleks is The Rake's Online Editor. He is passionate about anything made with commitment and integrity. A self-confessed tailoring fanatic, he is also a permanent fixture on Savile Row, even if only to window shop.

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