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Fennel and Jasmine Clarifying Body Wash


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The story

After 16 years of working for busy international companies, Michal Cohen-Sagi decided that the affects her unhealthy lifestyle were having on her body and mind needed a ‘reset’. Natural medicine and alternative therapies led her to open her first Wellness Clinic with her husband, Noam, a leading clinical psychotherapist. To celebrate the clinic’s 10th anniversary, the pair developed a unique scent that could be used to prolong the clinic's support, long after their clients' appointments. A wonderful blend of healing oils and aromatic ingredients have been married together to create The Balancing Blend. All of the 58 Lifestyle body products have been infused with the signature scent, which has been designed to rebalance and harmonise the mind, body and soul. The wellbeing centre focuses on self-care, physically and emotionally, and each product has been developed to further support the user's personal journey towards a more harmonious life, both physically and emotionally.


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