Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo

AK MC Provence Wool Silk and Cotton Blend Herringbone Sports Jacket

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    The garments of Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo benefit from a highly nuanced, bespoke - inspired cut, creating an elegant slim silhouette. When in doubt, clients are advised to choose one dress size above their usual size (= size up 1 dress size) for a comfortable yet sophisticated fit.

    The tweed sports jacket is probably THE most versatile - and often most loved - element of a gentleman’s wardrobe ! The reasons are (almost) countless: A tweed jacket can take a beating. It can be dressed up with flannel trousers and tie, or down with jeans and an open neck shirt and/or a cashmere sweater. It can be worn during most seasons (including an English summer), and instantly creates an effortless, casual look with a dash of elegance.

    As usual, Alexander Kraft has brought his own, very special personal vision to his new range of « tweed » sports jackets. First and foremost, his new « tweed » jackets are not made from traditional Scottish tweed (which tends to be on the heavy and scratchy side) but from a range of different, lighter wools and natural wool mixtures; these materials have been personally sourced by Alexander Kraft throughout Italy and represent limited edition « new old stock », i.e. a highly collectable material that will never become available again in this form!

    Secondly, his sports jackets are half lined for an « unbearable lightness of wearing » (to misquote Milan Kundera). However, at the same time they feature - as always - high-end sartorial elements such as a half-canvas construction, padded lapels, roped shoulders, and hand-finishings.

    Finally, the jackets feature luxurious accents such as elbow patches that are made of real suede leather, not the much cheaper synthetic alcantara typically used nowadays. In addition to the suede elbow patches, Kraft added a real leather under collar with a beautiful, hand-treated caramel patina, adding an incredibly dashing touch when the collar is popped up!

    This jacket here is made from a very special cloth, a limited edition, special wool/silk/linen - mixture with a sporty touch and featuring a Herringbone pattern. It features the bespoke-inspired Provence - cut of Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo, with patch pockets, a storm tab on the lapel and real leather « football » buttons that are incredibly rare on today’s market. The combination of the formal cut with the more informal cloth and the real leather accents make this a true connoisseur’s piece that can be worn for years, if not decades, to come!


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  • Materials and Care Notes

    55% Wool 28% Silk 17% Cotton

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