Hunters & Frankau donate box of Regional Edition El Rey del Mundo 'La Reina' cigars to Covid-19 Solidarity Auction

Hunters & Frankau generously donate box of Regional Edition El Rey del Mundo ‘La Reina’ cigars to Covid-19 Solidarity Auction.


Hunters & Frankau

Box of Regional Edition El Rey del Mundo 'La Reina'

Jemma Freeman (Managing Director of Hunters & Frankau), Inspired by an upturn in interest for slender cigars among UK smokers, decided on the Laguito No.1 vitola. Measuring 7 1/2 “ (192mm) x 38, this size was immortalised by the Cohiba Lanceros which is still in limited production today and the fabled Trinidad cigar of the same dimensions reserved for Diplomats and VIPs visiting Cuba in the 1970s. El Rey del Mundo (King of the World) brand was chosen because its delicate flavours and subtle aromas lent themselves perfectly to this slim shape and make this cigar accessible to seasoned and new cigar smokers alike. Credit for the regal and somewhat apt name, “La Reina” (The Queen) is attributed to the late great Simon Chase. Simon was the former Marketing Director of Hunters & Frankau, and remains, without question, the King of the world of Habanos. During the development of this cigar Hunters & Frankau were given an unprecedented opportunity, to conduct a tasting outside of Cuba to decide the final blend. For this challenge a group of UK Specialists were invited to the offices of Hunters & Frankau to form a panel for a blind tasting. A clear winner emerged and went forward as the official blend for the 2018 UK Regional Edition – El Rey del Mundo La Reina.

Today the most qualified rollers to make this challenging size work at El Laguito factory, in Cuba. This factory is home to the Cohiba brand and the birthplace for the iconic Laguito No.1 vitola. The Indeed, the size was originally created by Eduardo Rivera and was offered to President Fidel Castro in 1963, almost two decades before it was commercially launched. Every single La Reina has been made at El Laguito factory. We believe this is a first for any Habanos Regional Edition.

3,500 boxes of El Rey del Mundo La Reina is scheduled to be produced. Each box will contain 24 cigars measuring 7 ½” (192mm) x 38 (Laguito No.1).

The retail value of the box is £900

The auction is now live - please click here to make a bid.



Hugo Curran


June 2020


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