Pompeian Red Sterling Silver and Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

$ 190

The Story

When it comes to men’s tailoring, the devil is in the details. Rather than shouting loudly through unusual cuts and wild patterns, the truly distinguished gentleman allows his personality to whisper quietly through thoughtful touches such as a well-placed watch chain or the perfect pair of cufflinks. Nobody is more aware of this fact than the Barbarulo family, who have been creating stunning but soft-spoken jewellery since 1894 in Naples – the ancestral homeland of the polished Italian rake. Barbarulo’s luxury accessories are the perfect way to introduce a splash of judiciously chosen colour to suiting in darker hues. The brand has been endorsed by such emblems of classic masculine elegance as Michael Caine and Geoffrey Rush – proof if ever there was any of the brand’s appeal to gentlemen of an elite calibre.