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Cashmere Camouflage Gentlemen's Square


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It is hard to imagine a more comforting sensation than that of wrapping this exquisite limited edition camouflage gentlemen’s square from renowned cashmere producers Begg & Co around one's neck.

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The story

Expertly woven in Begg’s Ayrshire factory in the Scottish Highlands, this cashmere square represents the perfect synergy of sartorial tradition and technological innovation. A deeply traditional cashmere producer, Begg has been weaving cashmere, wool and silk neckwear in the highlands since 1866, and has spent its entire 150 year history pushing the boundaries of fine textile production. 

Even so, this square features a subversive camouflage print and is woven in Begg’s legendary ‘wispy cashmere’ quality – an extraordinarily fine, fluid and luxurious woven cashmere with a glorious sheen and delicate handle. In fact, the yarn used to create wispy cashmere is so fine, that it has to be finished with a soluble coating to strengthen the yarn before it is fed into the loom. This coating is gently washed off as a part of the finishing process, which lends the material its exceptionally smooth finish.

Cashmere camouflage gentlemens square, The Rake

The square is designed to be a versatile, summer-weight alternative to a scarf – easily worn in any number of different ways, whether that is as a simple wrap-around neck scarf, neckerchief or cravat. Best paired with our hand-painted camouflage Italia Independent Sunglasses, it’s the perfect thing to embolden a summer look, whether it is classically inspired or street wear.


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