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New & Lingwood

Black & Silver Arabesque Silk Jacquard Dressing Gown




There is nothing more aristocratic than a silk jacquard dressing gown, particularly when it’s been made exclusively for The Rake by Jermyn Street’s finest outfitter, New & Lingwood.

The story

In a modern take on a classic Arabesque paisley pattern, this black and silver monochromatic gown is the ideal garment to relax with at the end of an evening. Pair with black velvet slippers and indulgent dark silk pajamas for a remarkably rakish look, or swap with your dinner jacket when the Cohibas come out around the dining table.

The silk in question is woven in Suffolk, at an age-old silk mill that specialises in producing superior quality jacquards, whilst the gown is made in a boutique gownmaking workshop in rural England. Combine this with the heroic lapels of New & Lingwood’s gown pattern and the result is sublime; a design like no other, entirely exclusive to The Rake and destined to make your cosy evenings in more luxurious than ever before.

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