"To me, Paris is about men who wear colour with extraordinary elegance, as embodied by this graceful ensemble. “This is an amazing look,” Lorenzo says. “You know, at first I was a bit afraid about the light blue corduroy pants being too much, but in the end I think the result is really amazing. Here I have combined it with one of the most iconic Cifonelli garments from my wardrobe, which is the blue flannel double-breasted 6x1 blazer. This really is one of my signature jackets: it’s got the strong, beautiful Cifonelli shoulder with the cigarette sleevehead, it’s got the 6x1 style I created. The secret to this style is that the bottom button is placed a bit higher than it would normally be placed, and creates much greater balance between the top of the jacket and the bottom, but at the same time still has this plunging opening for the shirt front."