There are three-piece suits and then there are the alchemic works of sculptural beauty that are Lorenzo Cifonelli masterpieces. He describes this look as follows: “I love this fabric because of how many subtle tones it has, which enhances its versatility. And I’ve styled it to express its versatility with a denim shirt and a necktie with this kind of geometric, vintage-style pattern. It’s funny, when I first styled this suit I combined it with a more traditional dress shirt, but then realised that it made the whole outfit feel too formal. I wanted this to feel like a three-piece suit you relax in, that when you get home you don’t immediately feel like taking it off but actually enjoy lounging about in. You have to make a suit your own, it should feel effortless to wear. You should drive and eat in your suit. This is why we’ve always made our construction so light."