“This look is pure elegance, and is what people think of when they hear the name ‘Cifonelli’,” Lorenzo says. “It is my iconic suit with this wonderful, strong Cifonelli shoulder, a wide peak lapel with a high gorge, and high breast pocket. Normally these details would be something a traditional tailor would use primarily in a tuxedo, but for me I’ve always liked to place the gorge high. Not so high that the peak rises above the shoulder line, but just kissing it. This way, you create a very long line from the peak all the way to the buttoning point of the jacket. The result is this sense of very dynamic energy that resonates from the jacket. Your eyes find it very pleasing even though you may not consciously understand why. At the same time the button point needs to be perfectly positioned to achieve harmony between the top and bottom half of the jacket. A few millimetres off and the harmony is lost."