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Edward Sexton

Burgundy Reppe Stripe Silk Grenadine Seven-Fold Tie



In a world where the art of true seven-fold tie-making is slowly dying, The Rake feels that the time has come to take a stand, together with bespoke legend, Edward Sexton.

The story

Lovingly made by generations-old Milanese tie makers Bigi Cravatte, this tie represents the zenith of the tie maker’s art. It is made using an authentic, unlined seven-fold construction, finished with hand-turned edges. The voluminous folds of the tie are slip-stitched throughout its length, allowing the blade to flex and stretch a little as it’s tied, staying as comfortable as can be on the neck throughout the day.

Edward Sexton grenadine tie, burgundy, shop The Rake

 The chosen grenadine is of the finest quality, painstakingly woven in small lengths on two of the last 19th century handlooms remaining in Como. Each individual link in the grenadine’s structure requires no less than seven separate weaving operations to fully form – creating a silken mesh with unique depth and richness of texture. Sexton favours said grenadine because it’s tactile handle creates a tie that is particularly malleable, perfect for creating knots that hold their shape and take a rich dimple. Moreover, the blade is proportioned with a ‘bottle neck’ shape, ensuring that one’s knot remains suitably neat and as discreet as can be.

 In an elegant reppe stripe suited to all manner of environs, this is a tie of unique stature, perfect for pairing with your Edward Sexton for The Rake shirting and precious metal collar pins.