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Velvet 'Tribute To The Grenadier' Slippers




Inspired by the most heroic of soldiers, the grenadier, these limited edition velvet slippers from Crockett & Jones are as empowering as they are supremely comfortable.

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The story

And these are comfortable, indeed, when it came to partnering with a luxury English shoemaker to create a unique velvet slipper, we chose Crockett & Jones for this precise reason – in our experience Crockett make slippers which, over every other English maker, combine a sleek, chic profile with the most indulgent of burgundy quilted linings, which ensure that they feel as luxurious as can be on the foot. 

With uppers lasted in rich, deep-pile royal blue velvet, trimmed in navy grosgrain and finished with a two-tone antique silver grenade (a representation of the iconic Mills Bomb No.5 no less), these slippers are equally at home with a sports coat and jeans for strolling about town, or alternatively can be paired with a smoking jacket and satin-trimmed evening trousers for a louche, expressive take on formal eveningwear.

As our Founder, Wei Koh, puts it: “this is the perfect footwear for the modern man, soldier or not, who is always at the frontline of any situation, and who is defined by his courage, intelligence, mental dexterity and physical prowess. In other words, a man like you.”


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