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Double Breasted Pied-de-poule Wool Jacket

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    Introducing the G. Inglese Double Breasted Pied-de-poule Wool Jacket – a harmonious blend of timeless elegance and Italian craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in the heritage of sophisticated style with this jacket that pays homage to classic design.

    Crafted with meticulous precision, the pied-de-poule pattern adds a touch of distinguished charm to the luxurious wool fabric. The double-breasted silhouette, a symbol of enduring sophistication, elevates the jacket to a statement piece for the discerning gentleman.

    Impeccable tailoring ensures a flattering fit, showcasing the brand's commitment to refined craftsmanship. The neutral color palette of the pied-de-poule pattern adds versatility, allowing this jacket to seamlessly transition from formal occasions to more relaxed settings.

    Embrace the sophistication of the G. Inglese Double Breasted Pied-de-poule Wool Jacket – a wardrobe essential that effortlessly combines tradition with contemporary style. Elevate your ensemble with this exclusive piece, available only at The Rake.

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  • Handmade in Italy 


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The Fundaments of G. Inglese Sartorial Tourism

Inglese was established in 1955 by Angelo’s father, Gianni, along with his wife and brothers (Angelo’s mother and uncles). Based in the historic town of Ginosa, G.Inglese’s garments are proudly handmade in limited batches, the goods rigorously quality controlled. “This is a company that does not just look for profit — this concept remains a top priority for me,” Inglese says. “Every day, it is a joy for me to manage a large ‘family’ of artisans, all of whom are educated in ethics, beauty, and synergy with the territory. These are values that guarantee international attention for our creations, and that the most traditional and meticulous processes are adhered to.”

The Fundaments of G. Inglese The Rake x G. Inglese

The Rake Values initiative and sought out a partnership with this platform as he admired its egalitarian thrust. “We see this as a significant project, which continues to look with particular attention to quality and style but with a more democratic, accessible price idea that gives everyone the opportunity to possess certain garments that may have only been a dream previously,” Inglese explains. The hope is that consumers introduced to a higher standard of craftsmanship via The Rake Values will begin to gain a deeper appreciation for authentic quality.

The Fundaments of G. Inglese Iconic Garments

Consider the refined synthesis of ancient trade as a harmonious system seamlessly intertwining tradition and innovation, tourism and employment. Sourcing their wool from esteemed livestock companies in Puglia, the Inglese family meticulously oversees the journey of the fibers through phases of scouring and spinning. These carefully selected materials then find their purpose in the hands of our skilled tailor's shop, where each item is thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted. The result is a collection that embodies a simple yet refined taste, striking a perfect balance between elegance and research, tradition, and contemporary style.