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Jimi Hendrix "Blue Smoke" London, 1967 — Limited Edition

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Jimi Hendrix

by, Gered Mankowitz

  • Legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix is pictured smoking during a photography session in London in 1967. Hendrix made a name for himself in blues-obsessed Swinging London, where he wrote his most famous songs and recorded the bulk of his three studio albums.

    Signed and numbered by, Gered Mankowitz

    Limited Edition

    C-Type Print

    Available in 4 sizes:
    16" x 20" Edition of 50
    20" x 24" Edition of 50
    30" x 40" Edition of 25
    50" x 53" Edition of 24

  • Available in 4 sizes:
    16" x 20" Edition of 50
    20" x 24" Edition of 50
    30" x 40" Edition of 25
    50" x 53" Edition of 24

  • C-Type Print

    A digital c-type is a photographic print, on light-sensitive paper, that has been exposed using digital technology, rather than traditional analogue (otherwise known as ‘darkroom’) techniques.

    Digital c-types are created by exposing the paper using lasers or LEDs rather than a bulb, like in a darkroom. The second part of the traditional process is much the same however: the paper is processed in a photographic developer, followed by bleach fix before being washed to remove the processing chemicals.

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About the Artist Gered Mankowitz

Born in London in 1946 to Wolf and Ann Mankowitz, Gered Mankowitz embarked on a nontraditional path, leaving school at 15 to pursue photography, inspired by Peter Sellers. After an intensive apprenticeship at Camera Press Ltd., he established his first studio in Mason’s Yard in 1963, amidst the vibrant atmosphere of swinging 60s London. Collaborating with music icons like Marianne Faithfull and The Rolling Stones, Gered's lens captured the essence of an era, producing iconic album covers and portraits that transcend time. His seminal work with The Jimi Hendrix Experience in early 1967 further solidified his status as a legendary photographer of the music industry.

The Artistic Journey Continues Gered Mankowitz

Over the past 50 plus years, Gered has continued to work in the music business. He also contributes to many leading magazines, and has taken prizewinning images for the advertising industry. He is currently concentrating on exhibitions and publishing books of his work, as well as producing and selling prints in galleries all over the world. In 2016, Gered was awarded the distinction of Fellowship by the The Royal Photographic Society, and has lectured at University College Falmouth. He is based in Cornwall.