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Sheepskin Coat Black Curly Merino | Fletcher By Owen Barry

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  • Introducing our Men's Sheepskin Jacket style Fletcher, a testament to contemporary elegance. This unique piece is meticulously crafted from Black Curly European sheepskin, known for its softness and durability. It also features a hardwearing leather finish that adds both practicality and sophistication. Indulge in the luxurious OB comfort fit afforded by raglan sleeves and an easy press-stud closure. With clean, sleek lines, this jacket gives the unparalleled warmth of genuine sheepskin, expertly tailored to perfection by British craftspeople with over 250 years of joint knowledge and experience in the shearling industry. The handcrafting and detailed stitching throughout it speaks volumes about our traditional artisanal craftsmanship, ensuring that any garment not only exudes sophistication but stands the test of time. Here at Owen Barry, we offer a no-quibble lifetime guarantee, as we have for the last 75 years. Closure to the neck, double wall collar, deep warm pockets, and generous length ensure protection from the coldest weather. There is an inside breast pocket for securely carrying your phone, keys, wallet, travel docs, etc. All of the skins used in crafting this Fletcher jacket are 100% a byproduct of the European food industry, hand-selected and responsibly sourced from our well-established LWG (Leather Worker Group) tanneries. Owen Barry is a Green Growth-certified manufacturer.


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  • Measurements in cm.

      Cross Shoulder Sleeve Length
    (From Centre Back)
    Body Length Abdomen Half body
    Small 45 85 73 55
    Medium 47 88 75 57
    Large 49 90 77 59.5
    X-Large 50 92 79 62

  • Material: Sheepskin

    Care: Overtime as sheepskin gets grubby, we would suggest the following:


    Buff the suede with a DRY scouring pad; the kind that you use for washing up, with the rough texture on one side and the foam on the other.We suggest you use the scouring pad to generally brush off any grubbiness and revitalise the ingrained flattened suede nap. When brushing, try to use longer more fluid strokes rather than concentrating on a small area. Make the area you are working on quite generous ,then you won’t strip the colour from a single patch. Please use the foam side first, and only progress to the tougher rough textured side if really dirty and the foam isn’t having any impact.
    Shake and vacuum! After you have done the above, you will be surprised how a good shake and a vacuum will lift the dusty grubbiness. Sheepskin: – Napalan or Hurricane finish; both are leather-based finishes. These finishes should offer an amount of natural dirt repellent protection as a matter of course, however, if you get anything ugly on the napalan, please contact us directly for help. Rain spotting and rain in general - Always let the product dry naturally in an airy warm environment but away from direct heat. When dry, if there are rain spots on the suede, use the same scouring pad method above to brush the suede this will level the rain spots out and revitalise the suede nap. Rain downpour; If you get your OB sheepskin piece saturated, let it dry naturally in a warm airy place but still well away from direct heat. When it is dry, you may find the pelt has become rigid so you have to “break it open”. You do this by manipulating it, twisting it around, kneading it and basically opening up the fibres of the pelt to make the skin softer and more flexible again. Now take your trusty scouring pad (above) and start revitalising the nap. Brushing will bring back the velvety suede that has been flattened by the rain. Red wine, fruit squashes etc – all of these types of stains will benefit from spot washing ASAP, use a tepid mild soap or colour free gentle shampoo solution. Spot wash and spot rinse with clear water – DO NOT IMMERSE.

    Don’t focus on just the stain in a small area, it is better to work on a larger area, concentration in one place could have the effect of bleaching colour as you remove the stain.

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