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  • One of Udeshi's personal peeves is wet swimming trunks. While trunks are meant to get wet, the discomfort of sitting in damp shorts all day is undeniable. While one could change into a dry pair, the absence of a towel renders the situation scarcely improved. Moreover, using a wet and sandy towel risks transferring sand to delicate areas.

    Their solution? Toweling fabric shorts. These shorts not only cover and protect one's privates from sand but also serve to dry the wearer simultaneously. With up to six pockets, they offer functionality, providing space for essentials like credit cards, keys, and a lighter. Moreover, being shorts rather than swimming trunks, they permit entry into certain restaurants that prohibit sandy, wet swimwear.

    Crafted from pure cotton outside of Porto, Portugal, these shorts are available as ready-to-wear. 

    Notably, their sizing is true to measurement, ensuring a precise fit.

  • Shorts Sizing Chart

    Size Waist Hip Inseam
    or Unhemmed)
    S 82 104 22 HEMMED 60
    M 88 110 22 HEMMED 62
    L 94 116 22 HEMMED 64
    XL 100 122 22 HEMMED 66
    XXL 106 128 22 HEMMED 68


    Sizing is true to measurement, ensuring a precise fit.

  • Made of pure 100% cotton outside of Porto, Portugal.

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