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Edward Sexton

Solid Silver Collar Pin



With the current renaissance in luxurious pin collar shirting in full swing, it was only natural that The Rake should partner with the pin’s most authoritative proponent, the legendary Edward Sexton.

The story

A thing of beauty, this collar pin is made to Sexton’s precise specifications by Hatton Garden jeweler, Toby Mclellan, famed for his extraordinary metalworking talents. In hand worked solid sterling silver, the tip is subtly blunted to ensure that the pin doesn’t pull against one’s shirt. Its length is measured precisely to allow a rakish four-in-hand knot to be safely ensconced between one’s collar points, lifted proud from the neck in priapically elegant fashion. 

As Edward himself puts it: ‘our pins hold the tie in the most perfect position throughout the day, so you know that you’re always looking good and you can forget about it. You can get dressed and stay dressed, looking thoroughly elegant with everything held in place.’

Practical, sophisticated and empowering – this pin it seems, holds the key to all your necktie-supporting quandaries.