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Emma Willis

Navy Superior Cotton Shirt




The story

As a business built initially on by-appointment bespoke shirtmaking, care and attention to detail is of the highest priority for Emma Willis. Founded in 1989, Emma’s brand blossomed through word-of-mouth - content customers, seamlessly fitted with bespoke shirts, singing her praises to friends and acquaintances both locally and abroad. With the opening of her flagship store on 66 Jermyn St in 2000, Emma sought to grow the business while maintaining a firm focus on her beliefs: promoting British craft and wearing the Made in England badge with pride. Now offering ready-to-wear as well as bespoke, Emma Willis’ shirts are all made in her grand Gloucester factory, Bearland House, by a team of highly-skilled craftspeople, using the finest fabrics from Italy, Switzerland and Ireland. Steering away from anything too overtly masculine or structured, an Emma Willis shirt is characterised by an underlying air of casualness, while maintaining the same high tailoring standards that would be given to even the most formal of business shirts.


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