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George Cleverley

Slim Credit Card Holder, 1786 Russian Hide Collection



The story

For the gentleman who likes to travel light, this is no ordinary credit card holder. Rather, it is a rare and precious piece of leather design, handmade in London for G.J. Cleverley using the house’s precious supply of 18th century Russian reindeer hide.

Indeed, Cleverley’s affiliation with Russian reindeer hide is something of a mythic tale – in 1973 the house secured a supply of extraordinary 18th century Russian reindeer hides that were found by deep sea divers in the hull of a sunken trade brigantine off the South Coast of England, and which conditions on the seabed had miraculously preserved for some 200 years.

The hides had been cured in baths of rye or oat flour and yeast, hand embossed with a cross-hatched grain and then soaked in seal oil and birch tan oil – yielding an extraordinary leather which is both supremely durable and malleable, perfect for fine shoemaking and for the crafting of superior leather goods, even after some two centuries on the sea bed.

Perfect for the creation of a durable and yet luxurious wallet, this slim cardholder features two credit card slips per side with a center pocket for additional cards or bills.


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