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Shirt Shampoo Twin Pack

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    A shirt that has lost its crispness is, truly, no shirt at all. Happily, that need never be the case. Ign. Joseph - renowned for the quality of their shirts - has produced a specially formulated shirt shampoo which is engineered to care for your shirt, restoring it to near-new condition after just one wash. The drawback of having shirts in soft and sumptuous luxury fabrics is that the fibres tend to break in regular wash cycles, but Ign. Joseph's shirt shampoo is made using environmentally friendly cleansers that will care for and enhance your cotton, linen and ramie garments, helping you to clean your second skin as delicately as you would your own.

    This product is a twin-pack, featuring two bottles of shirt shampoo - meaning your shirts will stay crisp for twice as long. 

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