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Issue 88

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    Issue: 88
    Issue date: June 2023
    Cover Star: Cary Elwes

    Welcome to the Travel Issue of The Rake. We bid that you read this while reclining somewhere in peace. If you are unable to, then let this be the escapism you so desperately need. From the cover story with Cary Elwes, to the fashion shoot shot on location in South Africa. We look at the lives of Pier Paolo Pasolini and Johnny Hallyday, as well as the long-lasting marriage of Paul Newman to Joanne Woodward. We recommend hotels across the world that we feel meet the standards of our exacting and tasteful readership (that’s you) and we discuss far-off lands, from the Highlands of Scotland to Cuba.

    Our phones may beg for our attention but let the wonderful content in here break the cycle. If we can do that for even one of you, then a difference will have been made.


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    The Rake International Edition.

    Issue 88.
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    Issue 88.

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