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Dark Tan Calf Leather Tassel Loafers




These soft, antiqued leather loafers, crafted in an austere shade of dark tan, represent a platonic ideal of the style - impeccably crafted and unspeakably wearable, they're a thoroughly Rakish choice year-round with ensembles both smart and relaxed.

The story

Founded in 1975 by master craftsman Andrea Santoni, his eponymous brand has grown from a small workshop in Corridonia in central Italy to a globally recognised benchmark for beautiful Italian footwear. Santoni today rests in the hands of Andrea’s son Giuseppe, who has helped grow the brand’s offering and exposure, but their imposing international reputation belies an uncompromising focus on artisanal craft. Indeed, Giuseppe still employs many of the original craftspeople who helped found the brand with his father.

Their lasting errs towards the classic - elegantly sculpted but not dainty - and their offer encompasses stalwart classics as well as more innovative creations, however it’s their mastery of colour and patina that Santoni is perhaps best known for, running the gamut from intoxicating blacks, through rich, burnished tans to opulent, jewel blues. Imaginatively designed, impeccably crafted and unquestionably rakish.