Brown Cigar Humidor

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  • Introducing the Sautter Cigar Humidor: The Perfect Haven for Your Precious Cigars!

    For those in search of the ultimate storage solution for their prized cigar collection, look no further!

    The meticulously crafted Cigar Humidor offers the ultimate sanctuary for cigars, preserving their flavors, aromas, and quality.

    Crafted in premium solid wood and lined with the finest Spanish Cedar, our Humidors boast seamless joinery and a lacquer finish.

    To maintain optimal humidity levels, we recommend using them alongside Boveda Humidification pouches.

    Designed to accommodate growing collections, our humidor provides storage space for up to 75 cigars. With adjustable trays and dividers, users can customize the interior to suit their preferences and neatly organize cigars of various sizes.

  • Storage space
    Up to 75 cigars

  • Premium solid wood and lined with the finest Spanish Cedar and lacquer finish.

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