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Single-Breasted Navy Hopsack Blazer




Sciamat's exemplery construction is on full display throughout this incredible blazer. Completely hand-made using the same construction as their bespoke product, the blazer features the house's signature freeflowing, near-uncanvassed body, dramatic lapel and beautifully sculptural shoulder. Impossibly heroic to the eye and incomporably comfortable to wear, the Sciamat blazer is a distinctivly ennobling garment.

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The story

Sciamat's fearsome reputation as one of bespoke tailoring's most creative and exacting houses is comprehensively earned. Founded in 2002 by brothers Valentino and Nicola Ricci, Sciamat's approach to construction - and famously their unique, super-heroic shoulder - is at once technically exacting, aesthetically bold and powerfully wearable. To quote photographer and style icon K.E. Guerre, the first time you set eyes on a Sciamat jacket "is like the first time you hear jazz: you recognise the classic notes, but the arrangement is born our of pure original thought, and it is this originality that is so powerfully seductive."


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