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Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday

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    The Omega Speedmaster "Speedy Tuesday" Ref. 311., is a reincarnation of the famed 1978 Speedmaster “Alaska Project III”. For those who are familiar with the Alaska Project lore, this remake with the added appeal of the "reverse panda" style, radial dial Speedmaster is the stuff of legends.

    In speaking with the man who coined the hashtag, #SPEEDYTUESDAY — which the watch is named after — the one and only Robert-Jan Broer, Founder of Fratello Watches, he shared the inside scoop of the Speedmaster "Speedy Tuesday's" conception saying, "One of the watches that made a huge impression on me in the early days of Speedy Tuesday, was an original Alaska III from 1978 that I saw in 2012. It was previously owned by two different (ESA) astronauts: Reinhard Furrer and Wubbo Ockels – the latter being Dutch, like me. He was actually one of my childhood heroes, as he took part in a 1985 Space Shuttle mission. Ockels’ son approached me, telling me that he had this Speedmaster from his dad and didn’t know what it was. He came to my house, with a plastic shopping bag and just turned it upside down on my kitchen table. Out fell a number of interesting watches, but my eyes immediately focused on this special Speedmaster.

    "The caseback had all sorts of weird numbers engraved and there was a radial dial. I asked Ockels if I could keep the watch for a few days, to do some research on it. I sent Omega an email to ask them about the numbers – at that time, it took about three weeks to receive an answer from the brand, but within minutes, I received a call asking how I got this watch and if I knew what it was. Apparently, this watch was one of 56 watches that Omega sent to NASA in 1978 for the Space Shuttle missions. The numbers on the caseback were internal product and serial numbers. Normally, these watches were considered equipment for NASA astronauts and they needed to be returned after every mission or training.

    "We believe that Furrer received this watch during one of the training sessions, where it was quite common for ESA astronauts to get NASA gear and simply didn’t return it. When Furrer passed away years later, during a plane crash, his widow gave the watch to his friend Ockels who handed it over to his son, as he only wore the digital Seiko A829 that he used on board the space shuttle. Wearing this Speedmaster for a few days on my wrist gave me shivers and became the inspiration for the Speedy Tuesday. But we didn’t want to replicate the 1978 Alaska III model, so we went with a reverse panda, radial dial with applied logo and an all-brushed case. I was amazed at how quickly we all agreed on this particular design, albeit with added elements from Omega."

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