Heesen Yachts: A Billionaire for a Day

The Rake’s Digital Editor Ryan Thompson polished up his imposter syndrome and headed to Malta to discover what it’s like to be a superyacht owner (albeit for a day).

They say money can't buy you style, but it can buy you a super yacht, which trumps a good-looking wardrobe whichever way you shake it. I was lucky enough to impersonate a yacht-owning billionaire recently when I spent a short time on board Amore Mio, the largest and most powerful sports yacht ever built in the Netherlands. During sea trials, her sleek 45m aluminium hull, powered by two MTU 16V diesel engines, sliced through the North Sea at a thundering top speed of 30 knots. With long, angular lines soaring like a javelin from her knuckle bow through to the transom, she is yet another high calibre, successful design by Omega Architects and put together by Dutch shipyard Heesen Yachts, who were kind enough to take me out to Malta in order to soft launch it for the new season.

I'll admit that I had never set foot on a vessel of this size and calibre before and so was really none the wiser as to what expect. I can now confirm, that the superyacht life is on a whole different level - millionaires need not apply - this is the domain of the billionaires. At current market prices, the value of boats of this level can be typically guessed at using a simple equation: roughly $1,000,000 per ft of length (Amore Mio is 45m by the way). Then there's the cost of just keeping it floating - approximately $5,000,000 per year. The price of fuel will make your eyes bleed. Some owners charter their vessels to offset the costs. Amore Mio's doesn't. It's his and his alone.


    Ryan Thompson


    August 2019


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