The exclusive Rallye des Légendes in Andalusia, hosted by the watch designer Richard Mille and featuring some of the most desirable vintage cars, provided a rare and incomparable escape — from the pressures of ordinary life and the oppressive constraints of time…

Time is the master fact. As soon as the engines are switched off after we arrive at La Finca de los Alburejos — underneath the protective shade of the old palm trees — everyone understands how important the notion is. Established by the renowned Domecq family, and led now by Álvaro Domecq Jr., a powerful politician, businessman and winemaker, the Alburejos estate has for decades been dedicated to the art of bull breeding. While many people focus on the last 15 minutes of a fighting bull’s life, Álvaro Domecq prefers to explain the very long and careful selection process that goes into their breeding, which is guided by tradition and the love of animals. It can sometimes take six to eight years to perfect the training of a bull.

After a magnificent private equestrian show and a breathtaking tienda demonstration — an exercise of bravery, facing a courageous and combative heifer — having lunch in the private garden of the Domecq family is quite an immersion in Andalusian culture. Only a few of the thousands of tourists who visit the south of Spain every year can pretend to have had such an immersion in the local history and traditions. As a long-time collector of sports cars — and not solely as a successful watch designer — Richard Mille values the moment. He has just emerged from behind the steering wheel of his 1964 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso. He takes a minute to look at the gorgeous shape of the car, which was created by the Turin coachbuilder Pininfarina. With its hazelnut brown dress, one is reminded of Steve McQueen’s beloved version, and it is a fantastic machine to drive on the sinuous but empty roads of Andalusia.


Frédéric Brun


March 2020


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