A guide to dinners in the south of France

A frequent visitor to Bargemon, South of France and its culinary establishments, The Rake’s Editor Tom Chamberlin offers some advice on what is suitable attire for such conviviality.

The first quick tip to eating in the south of France, (I imagine this extends westwards along the Costa del Sol too but you’ll have to speak to Messrs Foulkes, Foulkes and Foulkes about Marbella) is that if you’re shown indoors to eat, leave. It’s pointless, there’s no gambas grillées so good that you have to compromise indoors to enjoy it. I say this especially to us Brits, who have perhaps two days a year where being outside after 8pm is bearable in anything less than a sweater. So let’s assume you’ve taken heed of this advice, and want to sit outside, here’s how to do it:


June 2021

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