A guide to fitting Kit Blake trousers

Co-founder of Kit Blake, and The Rake’s Sartorial Guru, Chris Modoo gives us a detailed insight into the different types of Kit Blake trouser models.

We started Kit Blake with the aim of providing the modern man with classic trousers. Proper trousers that fit. It was a neglected market with little choice between the bottom half of a suit and bad chinos. The cuts were usually low-waisted and so skinny that they revealed the contents of the wearer’s pockets and sometimes his religion too. We offer a range of styles that fit properly and comfortably. “I had forgotten how comfortable trousers should be” is a comment we often hear from new customers. If you are yet to try a pair, we have complied a guide to our styles to help you select the best model and size.

Even though we are proudly made in Italy (Puglia to be precise) they are made on English patterns and are sized in inches. On our pleated models we add ½” to the waist over the stated size and 1” on our flat-fronted models. If you are used to buying European sized trousers, we would suggest finding your actual waist measure and converting to inches rather than translating your usual size.

The Aleksandar is our best-selling model and the style we launched with. It boasts four, inward-facing deep pleats and is cut to sit higher on the waist. Like all Kit Blake trousers, it does not require a belt, and has side-adjusters. If you are in-between sizes, we would recommend going up a size and pulling the adjusters in a little closer. Alternatively, there is the option of wearing braces and we have thoughtfully placed buttons inside the waistband to secure proper button-on braces. Please do not wear the clip-on elastic variety.

The profile of the Aleksandar is quite full in the thigh with a natural taper to the hem. Gentlemen with an athletic figure of slim waist and well-developed thigh and/or calf muscles appreciate this cut but it is by no means a necessity.


October 2021


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