A guide to summer in the Alps

People forget how bucolic Alpine settlements are in summer. Many of the chic destinations hovering underneath the peaks of the mountains do not slow down when the snow melts. If anything, there is a wider range of fun to be had in the Alps.

When the snow melts in the chic and popular alpine destinations, a natural playground is revealed. A parade of lush green lark trees stand at ease on the uplands of the valleys – only separated by barren tundra spaces and intermittent alpine settlements. Some of these towns include the star-studded resorts of St. Moritz and Gstaad, and like the famous soundtrack from The Sound of Music, 1965, vocalized by Julie Andrews who later settled in Gstaad, the hills in these parts are most definitely alive.

If you’re staying in the Badrutt’s Palace or the Gstaad Palace, two of the most hedonistic-yet-charming Swiss hideouts of the 1960s and '70s international jet set, you will certainly need to think carefully about what you pack. In winter the itinerary usually flows as expected. Set off at 9.00am in your retro ski gear, down skis at 3.00pm, regale on the hotel terrace with a glass of champagne, walk into town for a smart supper, and then back to the cigar lounge/bar for a Montecristo Supremos and single malt whisky. You have to factor in frequent black-tie events, and the odd wild fancy dress party, but due to the cold weather, and large amounts of time taken up on the slopes, your winter alpine escape attire is a little more straightforward.


    Freddie Anderson


    July 2021


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