A Rakish Guide to Boots

Winter is a time for serious footwear that can step up in the boardroom as well as the countryside – and boots never disappoint. Here are the styles you need this season.

Lichfield on his motorcycle in London, circa 1970.

There is no rule that states you must wear boots come winter time, yet men’s style titles begin to dictate that you should as early as September. What are the benefits? Boots are arguably more practical than their vertically challenged counterparts – their height protects and offers support to the ankles; they’re often made from tougher, weather-resistant leather; and many are welted onto a rubber sole, giving extra reliable grip in wet weather. It is for their aesthetic properties, though, that many people chose to invest in them – as a Rake reader after all, chances are you are interested in style, and don’t require an extra few inches of ankle support or steel caps to protect your pedicured toes on the building site.

Boots come with connotations: military, biker, skinhead, musician, manual worker, ranch hand – all of which are pastimes that require some element of activity and as such, boots that are hard-wearing and robust. But they come in many forms, and can be as sharp a style as the most formal of shoes, yet with more presence – wear with tailoring and give your suit an instant edge à la Tommy Shelby. Whether you’re after a rough-and-ready workwear staple or a silky smooth dress boot, here are the styles you need on your radar for winter and beyond.


October 2021


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