A Towering Achievement

With more billionaires turning their gaze towards luxury properties in Singapore, one new development in particular nails today’s hunger for ‘psychological luxury’ over material goods.
EDEN’s architectural design incorporates the concept of “Biophilia”

Wherever we are in the world, the tick-tocking grind of modern metropolises and the prevailing pursuit of technological innovation in all aspects of our lives take us further away from the natural world and the ancient benefits therein. The less we interact with nature, the more we unplug that link to our past and our synergy with all living things.




So there’s something very poetic, indeed noble, about incorporating the concept of ‘biophilia’ — the love of plants and other living systems — into a building project in Singapore, thus reconnecting residents with what once, relatively recently, existed there. That’s what’s been achieved with this achingly desirable property based at 2 Draycott Park in Singapore’s ultra-luxurious District 10, adjacent to Singapore’s exclusive private Tanglin Club and a few minutes’ walk from prestigious shopping zone Orchard Road as well as numerous five-star hotels, embassies and the UNESCO Singapore Botanical Gardens.

EDEN is undertaken by Swire Properties, which has a global portfolio of high-end developments and has built more than 32,000 residential units since its establishment in 1972. The company creatively transformed urban landscapes over 45 years with its strong heritage of bold design, including the Frank Gehry-designed OPUS HONG KONG, which set the record for the most expensive apartment in Asia when its penthouse was sold for HK$ 510million in 2015.



August 2020


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