A Visit To Anderson & Sheppard

As London re-opens and the sun finally makes an appearance, warmer days have us looking to Anderson & Sheppard for summer wardrobe inspiration.

The Anderson & Sheppard haberdashery opened in 2012 — just around the corner from their bespoke location on Old Burlington Street — and has since become a go-to for those looking for wardrobe inspiration, spanning everything from casual and resort to formal wear, accessories and more. The haberdashery was created to provide a vision of tailored clothes and classic style that brought colour, brightness and energy into clothing, and to become something of a flagship for this movement. A feat it has truly accomplished.

    Located on Clifford Street, just off Savile Row, the haberdashery is always an essential part of any visit to the city, even if it’s just to say hello to Anda, Audie, Tony and Emily. They provide a warmth which is hard to find elsewhere, making every trip that extra bit special. As we finally start travelling more, it’s always great to see a friendly face, let alone several. The energy of the place is also showcased through their vast array of clothing and visual displays: “Every time I’m in town, I make a point of clearing at least half an hour so I can properly explore the store. There’s always so much to look at and browse through, especially as they keep the displays fresh with different outfit pairings, or new offerings entirely.” says The Rake’s social media manager, Rikesh Chauhan.


      Followers of Anderson & Sheppard and members of The Rake community will no doubt know of our long-standing relationship, and it is this relationship that brought us to their store. Our Editor-In-Chief, Tom Chamberlin, takes a closer look at their brilliant summer assortment which is now available to purchase on TheRake.com. Watch the video below.

        Video by Marcus Ebanks



          June 2021


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