The A1 Jacket: Best of the Bombers

The A1 jacket has undergone a transformation from mandatory military garment to a covetable menswear staple, reimagined in contemporary cuts and luxurious fabrics.

David Gandy in camel suede Valstarino jacket, Valstar; ecru cashmere Submarine roll-neck, Private White V.C.; white 100% cotton Heritage jogger, David Gandy Wellwear; Tatah Sun sunglasses, MOSCOT. Avigation BigEye A7, titanium, Longines. (Photo by Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca)

Why has the A1 jacket, once lost in the miasma of military uniform history, suddenly emerged into the spotlight? Both faithful recreations of the US Navy version as well as seductive suede and even tailoring fabric iterations are dominating the boulevards of the most well-informed urban centres.


March 2022


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