Adriano Meneghetti: Upholding Italian Style

There’s this insatiable emotion and love for crafting beautiful things amongst Italian artisans and in Adriano Meneghetti’s belts you will witness designs with more than a hint of Wild West romanticism.

Belts have been documented as items of clothing since the Bronze Age, implying a multi-generational requirement to keep our trousers firmly on our waists. It is surprising, then, that few people apply as much importance to the belt as other accessories. But not with Adriano Meneghetti.

The brand was established in 2011 by Instituto Marangoni-designer Meneghetti himself, who discovered a love for both the past and artisanal belt-making. When he finally established the firm, after working for years as a renown creative director and fashion designer, he brought with him all he had learned as a designer and drew on his own childhood memories to influence the classic, and luxurious, designs of his belts.

There’s something of an ‘American Gigolo meets Django’ vibe with a few of the belts Meneghetti creates. Designs are masculine, like a musky cologne. However, they also imply a sense of rakish luxury that works as naturally with a tailored suit as with a pair of denim.


    February 2020


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