Alexander Kraft enacts an ethical revolution by creating “Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo”, his sartorial line of supremely elegant, timeless clothing, and intentionally making it the best value on the sartorial landscape.

  • by Wei Koh

  • photography Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca

Alexander Kraft, style icon, international entrepreneur, owner & CEO of such companies as luxury real estate - behemoth “Sotheby’s International Realty” in France and Monaco or the ultra-charming hotel-restaurant “La Maison Bleue” in Provence, and the world’s greatest living Jedi-Master of curating life as an expression of his impeccable taste, is about to enact a revolution. Not a revolution of political dissent. Not an armed insurrection against an oppressive hegemony. But one that is just as radical. Because, after years of preparation, he has launched his eponymous clothing brand which you can pre-order here – and yes, I think it is the most exciting expression of classic style and tailored elegance to emerge in recent memory: Beautifully designed garments, exquisitely crafted by an artisanal tailoring factory in Puglia, using only the best Vitale Barberis Canonico and Lovat Mill fabrics, but intentionally priced far below market expectations in order to make it a symbol of a new, value-conscious post Covid-19 world.

Even before the outbreak of the Corona Virus pandemic, it was Kraft’s passionate desire to offer the best value proposition on the sartorial landscape as an expression of his core ethic. He explains, “Today, luxury is not simply the creation of something expensive or beautiful, it is a statement of the producer’s values. I consciously chose to launch “Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo” purely digitally. That way, I eliminate the enormous overheads resulting from brick and mortar shops, reseller mark-ups or costly ad campaigns. Communication and distribution are through my own social media and - website as well as those of The Rake. Further, I was able to negotiate favorable terms with top-end suppliers because they wanted to be part of this groundbreaking project and were proud to have the name of their mills displayed inside the jackets. Finally, I reduced my own profit margins. By doing all this, I was able to pass the considerable combined savings on to my customer who, to me, is the most important person in this equation.”


    April 2020


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