Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo: Sporting Sophistication

Being a keen sportsman, and now tastemaker for this new subdivision of high-end casual elegance, Alexander Kraft has adeptly refined the trusty tweed sports jacket for polite society.

By the mid-’20s the Prince of Wales’ calculated yet liberating approach to tailoring was making the establishment shudder. Shunning the rigid properties of Victorian and Edwardian dress, he preferred comfortable clothes that allowed for freedom of movement – a style he described as “dress soft”. His dressing represented a modern paradigm, something that Alexander Kraft is repeating nearly 100 years on, albeit with his own philosophy.

Group style, sport and geography together and the pair are not antithetical. Neither are perturbed when it comes to taking classic sportswear designs out of their natural habitat. Whilst the Prince of Wales became a symbol of sprezzatura – famously wearing kilts, and using his sporran to store his cigarettes, at “The Mill”, his weekend retreat outside Paris, Alexander Kraft – as a designer and tastemaker is adapting classic sporting apparel to be worn with ease in multiple environments. Moreover, his creations have been deliberately constructed to be worn together to yield a trace of Kraft’s own sprezzatura.


    Freddie Anderson


    October 2021


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