Alps & Meters: Sloping Back to Retro

Alps & Meters combines the best of old and new. It is where high-performance technical prowess blends in with pattern and colour eccentricities to form the optimum assortment of Alpine ski apparel.

Many feel the late 1960s and early 1970s was ski style at its height. On the slopes of the glamorous ski resorts in Switzerland - a kaleidoscope of existing and dethroned royalty would streak by on every turn. Industrial barons such as Gunter Sachs who successfully lit up the mountains in more ways than one would be seen slaloming in bright Lochan rollnecks; only for his speed to be impeded due to Brigitte Bardot in ribbed crimson leggings holding onto his waist from behind.

Innovation of ski apparel has moved on quite considerably since then, but has jeopardised its flare, chicness and charisma. In fact, ski wear’s unrelenting devotion to out peak other brands in terms of high-performance has suffocated the style out of it and has become downright mundane. There is, however, a small minority bucking that trend.

An idea surfacing from nostalgic, coincidental and humble beginnings is that of Alps & Meters. The inspiration for the brand was sparked over a decade ago when Louis Joseph was skiing in Sweden. “I was in a mountain town and found an old ski sweater which really appealed to me, and because it was a knitwear piece, it had a lot of nostalgic attributes – I’ve skied in it ever since,” he says. “Virtually everywhere I’ve gone, the sweater was a conversation starter. People wanted to know why I was wearing it, what did it feel like, was it protective. And knowing that that garment could be improved, really led to the formation of Alps & Meters.”


    Freddie Anderson


    November 2020


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