Anderson & Sheppard: A light touch

Full to the brims of high-quality linen, Anderson & Sheppard is the perfect place to start revamping your summer wardrobe.

Anderson & Sheppard, the 115-year-old bespoke tailoring house is the byword for authentic Britain. As is the way though with many badges of British culture, it wasn’t entirely masterminded by English heads. At the turn of the 20th century, Dutch tailor Frederick Scholte began the great softening of tailoring as a response to the more rigid and structured military garments that were being made on Savile Row. Credited with creating the London cut or the English drape style, Scholte was the go-to mentor for budding tailors, one of which was Swedish expatriate, Peter Gustaf Anderson. As this tailoring revolution took shape, Per, as he was known, decided to put this style into practice with trouser cutter Sidney Horatio Sheppard, under their own label, Anderson & Sheppard. By the 1920s the “soft look” caught on, and so what would become known and remain to this day as the most definitively English of Savile Row cuts was in fact the work of a Dutchman, Swede and Englishman.

Scholte, without knowing at the time, dealt the firm a golden ticket. He refused the custom of most show-business people, believing them to be undesirable riffraff. Little did he know that early converts to the British drape – and welcomed by Anderson & Sheppard were names such as Fred Astaire, Cary Grant and Gary Cooper. Ever since then Anderson & Sheppard has remained the spiritual home for the English drape.


    Freddie Anderson


    April 2021


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