Ask The Rake: Springing For Colour

Submitted by @uncle_arne on Instagram, he wants to know key style tips for Spring.

I promised myself not to use the phrase ‘a spring in my step’ when I decided to take on this question as part of our Ask The Rake series. As painstakingly cliché as it is, though, there’s a reason it’s worthy of cliché status in the first place. Spring signals hope, possibility and positivity. It brings an end to the never-ending cold front, months will no longer drag, and the sun will decide that it enjoys our company enough to stick around for a little while longer. Here in London, it would traditionally mean an end to monochrome overcoats, umbrellas and suits. Shirts and accessories become lighter and brighter, jackets are no longer hidden by multiple layers, and our much-loved friends — seersucker and linen — finally start to return.

This year may be a little different, however, with restrictions easing relatively slowly. Most events are still unable to take place, which means our next hurrah may still be a little while away yet — perhaps in the height of summer. Spring 2021, therefore, serves a much heavier purpose. Not only does it continue to provide a renewed sense of energy for the warmer moments, but this time around it will also be a chance for us to reclaim a year lost to lockdowns and a global pandemic. Spring will give us an opportunity to see each other again, to explore our localities and, hopefully, beyond them.

This brings us to the question at hand — ‘what are your style tips for Spring?’ The answer is simple: whatever brings you happiness, and whatever makes life a little more positive. However, I understand that that that perhaps isn’t the most insightful, so I’ve broken it down into the following: colour, rules and key pieces.

Let’s take on colour, though I imagine you probably know where I’m going with this. A great visual example of how colour can provide that sense of happiness and positivity, was the launch of Rolex’s 2020 Oyster Perpetuals in incredible colourways of candy pink, coral red, turquoise, green and yellow. It showcased that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Why not have a playful, colourful watch? Or a shirt, or a tie, or socks? If 2020 taught us anything, it’s to not take things for granted, and not to let time pass us by without embracing all that is good. If we can add that into our daily attire, well, more power to us.

    Rules are there to be broken. Especially now. If you want to wear a tux at home whilst eating takeaway pizza, do it. If you want to mix and match your tailoring, do it. If you don’t like turn up cuffs, don’t wear them. The key to looking good, is, and always will be, how confident you are and how good you feel. If you wear clothes that fit you well, then you’re set. Make the most of your wardrobe, and invest in key pieces.

      There are a few items that have caught our attention as of late, that we feel will be more popular than ever this spring and onwards. First up, white denim jeans. Although linen quickly becomes the poster boy for sunshine and coastal forays, Spring time is still a little cooler and having a fabric that’s a bit sturdier always comes in handy. A white denim or cotton whipcord for example, is a great go-between that has all the personality of summer attire, but also helps you when the temperatures drop considerably in the evenings.

      Cricket jumpers have seen an almost remarkable resurgence, and will be a key proponent to any seasonal layering. Whether you go for something classic à la Ralph Lauren or opt for new season Drake’s, there’s a cricket jumper out there for you — even if you’re like me and not into the sport. Yes, I am fully aware that I am Indian, and not into cricket. Moving on.

      The colourful, bold print, camp collar shirt was all the rage last summer, and whilst I do believe it’ll go from strength to strength, there are a few slightly more subtle numbers which work perfectly for pre-summer attire. These shirts, along with short sleeve polos and light jerseys pair well with a tailored trouser and loafers. A statement without having to make a statement.

        Thank you to @uncle_arne for submitting. If you’d like to ask us a question, be sure to follow us on Instagram and submit yours.



        February 2021


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