Ask The Rake: What Shirts Do I Wear This Summer?

There may be long term effects on dress codes and ways of working in a post-Covid era, and as we look forward to a world without restrictions, the future of the shirt is a topic that piques The Rake’s Social Media Manager’s interest.

It was on joining British shirtmaker, Turnbull & Asser, that I fully immersed myself into the world of luxury menswear and bespoke craftsmanship. Learning that there was so much more than meets the eye when it came to shirtmaking, I was immediately enthralled with how it all worked — from initial client meetings, sifting through hundreds of swatches and buttons, to measuring, crafting, fitting and even packaging. Anyone that says folding a shirt isn’t an artform in itself is either lying to you or has never seen it done properly.

No matter where your shirtmaking loyalties lie (once you find the perfect shirt, you’re rarely likely to shop elsewhere), it’s fair to say that formal business shirts were beginning to struggle against the casualisation of menswear (something I touched on earlier in this series). This was only enhanced due to Covid and its subsequent lockdowns. Having spent over a year indoors, even I found myself rarely reaching for a smart shirt towards the end of 2020.


March 2021


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