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The Rake examines the TAG Heuer Monaco.

1969 must’ve been a great year for chronographs. It was the year that a chronograph went to the moon and back. It was the year when the first automatic chronograph movement was announced. Though, as to which brand or consortium was the first to make the announcement, remains debatable. However, we can say for certain that the other standout chronograph from 1969 has to be the now iconic, square chronograph we know simply as, the Monaco.

A square, angular, shaped wrist watch the likes of the Monaco had never been seen prior to its introduction. Add to this the fact that the case was made such that the chronograph was water-resistant and that it housed the revolutionary new self-winding Calibre 11. Calibre 11 is what Heuer (TAG was not yet part of the company name at the time) called the movement, but it might be better known to some as the Chronomatic, which was the self-winding chronograph that came from the consortium formed by Breitling, Buren, Hamilton, Heuer and Dubois-Depraz.


    September 2021


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