Barbanera: Back Where it started

Frolicking in Sicily’s rugged terrain in Hawaiian shirts and suits, this collection is an irresistible ode to Sergio’s and Sebastiano’s youth. The assortment brilliantly captures the mood back then as it does with portraying how their personal tastes and interests have developed since they left the island

Over the years we’ve been consistently seduced by Barbanera’s ingenious yet unconventional sartorial aptitude. As a trio of swashbuckling characters, comprising of Sicilian brothers Sergio and Sebastiano and their friend Alessandro, it is never a surprise to see their collation of personal tastes produce apparel with a strong twist. Some consider their inventions left-field, but it is the combination of their unique traits, shared by a common mission to champion ‘truth and culture’ that has galvanised a likeminded legion of followers. Sergio once told The Rake: “We want to be faithful to our origins and values, we always try to make something we know about”. If there’s ever been a Barbanera collection that tallies so overtly with the autonomy of Sicily, the spring/summer 21 assortment is it.

In their younger years Sergio and Sebastiano lived with the symbiosis of Sicilian nature. Mostly mountainous, wild and rugged – it is a landscape where tales unfold. Family tradition and a focus on the homegrown has always been a way of life on the largest Mediterranean island. It has instilled in them a genuine devotion to deep-rooted Italian traditions, which is very much evident in the way they elect local craftspeople. All of Barbanera’s shoes, for example, are handmade in the middle of the beautiful Tuscan countryside – a place known for its shoemaking tradition. Italian authenticity is paramount for the brand – and is the fulcrum that allows their free-spirited creative licence to brilliantly fuse refinement with progressive inventions. Every design is conceived within their hearts and it’s impossible not to be lured into their exciting journey. Their latest collection gives us a brilliant insight into their youth – which by the looks of it was not without a degree of mischief. They play basketball in their vintage Barbanera sweatshirts, and whizz around the Sicilian countryside in a badass convertible wearing their Hawaiian shirts in special Japanese fabrics. Not just intent on being louche rule-breakers – they brilliantly explore and embrace the different dimensions of being a gentleman – with the masterful incorporation of suiting, which will be available soon.


    Freddie Anderson


    March 2021


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