Barbanera: Influences On Their Sleeve, part 2

Sergio Guardi explains how the cross-cultural films of Sergio Leone inspire his approach to design.
Clint Eastwood, Joe Kidd. (Alamy Stock Photo).

When Sicilian brothers Sergio and Sebastiano Guardì launched their menswear brand eight years ago, they did so with a mission of championing ‘truth and culture’. They set out to build a label that embodied their eclectic set of cultural reference points — rock music, dandyism, classic Italian tailoring, America’s old west, beatniks, bandits and blaggards — in an authentic fashion.

“We want to be faithful to our values and we always try to make something we truly know about,” Sergio explains.In addition to being dedicated to the highest standards of quality and design, “The other thing that makes a product unique is the concept that it expresses,” says Sergio. “At Barbanera, there’s a story behind everything we make. The name we give a model helps the customer understand the concept behind the garment and what that particular garment represents.”

Here, Sergio discusses some of the cinematic influences that course through the blood of Barbanera — inspiring the design of the brand’s products and their carefully bestowed names.


    January 2020


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