Barbanera: Moving forward by reflection

Reaching an important milepost in their wondrous journey, Barbanera give some of their Americana trademarks fresh twists, whilst the highly anticipated suiting is the epitome of the hedonistic and progressive style nature of the 1970s.
Photo by Banditphotographer

Barbanera continue to be the well-respected and popular black sheep of the industry. In fact, their position and influence in the vernacular of artisanal menswear is set to soar further. This year marks their 10th anniversary, and in true Barbanera style they’re celebrating their thrilling-yet-poetic journey with their most eclectic and ambitious collection to date.

Co-founder and creative director Sergio Guardi once told The Rake: “Moving forward sometimes means a step back”. In a normal year – to decode this statement you’d correlate it to their modern style inventions that originate from the greats of historical culture. Kerouac, Cash, Eastwood and Hemingway are all titanic names that spring to mind. But in a milestone year and in respect to the previous two, they’ve chosen to be reflective in order to move forward. Considering the American West is a symbol of freedom, they’ve not only produced a collection bearing many of their American flavour trademarks, but they’ve been photographed in carefully scouted and pertinent locations. Native American sherpa trucker jackets can be seen roaming downtown Los Angeles, whilst their classic-yet-badass suits and knitwear flourish against the backdrop of the scenic Badlands of New Mexico. To be precise, the areas of Taos and Ghost Ranch have been chosen. And in keeping with the theme of freedom, Ghost Ranch is a poignant spot. It was the home and patch of rocky landscape that gave American modernist artist Georgia O’Keefe the freedom to paint what she saw and felt. Such were the strengths of these feelings she once said: “It’s my private mountain. God told me if I painted it often enough I could have it.”


    Freddie Anderson


    December 2021


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