This is how Wei Rolls: Bennett Winch's Ultimate Watch Rolls

Not content with the classic watch roll, Wei Koh met with Bennett Winch to design the ultimate watch transporter, now available on The Rake.

Does a tree that falls in a forest make a sound if there’s no one there to listen? Such was the now ubiquitously-bandied about query posited by philosopher George Berkley, in ATreatise Concerning The Principles of Human Knowledge. Which has a direct correlation to a far more important question.Is it worth having the world’s greatest collection of horological finery — a steel 1518, one of only two 1591 steel perpetual calendars in existence, Eric Clapton’s Arabic 5004 — if there is no one to revel in their irrefutable unmitigated dopeness?Well unless you are the most anti-social of men; unless you’ve shunned society and replaced television with transcendental meditation and lifting rocks with your gonads to perfect your Chi. You’re going to want to attend one or more of the innumerable “GTGs” or get-togethers with likeminded devotees to that intersection between science and magic known as Swiss watchmaking, so you can be bestowed suitable props for your hard-earned horological swagger.And it is at this point that the watch roll will make its first appearance in your life. Because it is by far the safest, most innocuous and simplest way to transport your collection of Linz-dialed Paul Newman Daytonas, 321 calibered Omega Speedmasters, or Audemars Piguet Royal Oak perpetual calendars from point A to point B. But it is at this point where you will start to become frustrated by their shortcomings.


October 2019


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