BennyBee: Craftsmanship with a Conscience

Built around the ‘slow fashion’ movement, BennyBee focuses acutely on sustainability, reconnecting customers to the handmade process of leather goods with traditional craftmanship, thus yielding bags of tremendous quality.

BennyBee cares, and they want you to know. At the heart of everything they do is sustainability, and the team are strong advocates of ‘slow fashion’ – drawing on methods of manufacture, for their leather bags and accessories, that go against the grain. Started in 2014 by brothers Dani and Benjamin Caltik, they proudly wear their principles. The name comes from memories with their grandfather, who taught them how to bee-keep from a young age; and Benjamin’s name, shortened. The bee-keeping experience instilled a respect for the relationship between nature and craftmanship that would lead to the pursuit of their dream: to begin a leather goods and accessories business. Today, the brothers and their small team spend their days producing high-quality bags from their small farmhouse workshop.


    July 2019


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