Bentley's Inner Strength

In our latest exploration of Bentley’s centenary concept – the EXP 100 GT – we speak to Head of Interior Design, Brett Boydell…

How many times have you heard the trope, "It's what's on the inside that counts"? It stands true for many a context, not least car building. What you see is not always what you get in the world of automobiles. Luxury cars today have a dual mandate - brains and brawn, and what you see on the outside must invariably be replicated in kind on the inside. When Bentley created the EXP 100 GT, on the one hand to celebrate its centenary but on the other to usher in the next century of car design evolution, it's task was to build something visually arresting on the exterior and nothing short of life-changing in the interior. What they have come up with is astonishing.

The interior takes Bentley craftsmanship in a new direction by seamlessly fusing sustainable materials with technology. It incorporates new directions being explored by Bentley, including the use of light in creating a wellness-enriching environment and Adaptable Biometric Seating that adds to the feeling of wellbeing. In short, Bentley's aim was and is for the passengers of the vehicle to step out of the car at the end of their journey feeling better than when they stepped in at the beginning. To enhance a feeling of wellbeing, the EXP 100 GT uses air curation to bring in fragrances from the natural world while keeping city pollution out. Intelligent technology is also designed to disappear from view when you want a more mindful experience. So whether you want to be absolutely tuned in to the driving experience or completely zoned out in order to concentrate on other things, both will be entirely possible.


Ryan Thompson


September 2019


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