Black Tailoring in Summer?

You might not think it, but sporting black tailoring in summer can be an excellent idea.
Marcello Mastroianni (Photo via Alamy)

To start advocating the infinite virtues of wearing black tailoring in summer, might seem utterly ludicrous at first. But if you dig a little deeper through the Chernozem soil, you’ll find roots anchoring the many validations of how it can be done with real aplomb. By and large people only seem to recognise the zeitgeist of black tailoring in frosty New York and London. Even then it spruces up multiple sartorial quandaries, but if you iron out its complications by determining what works for you, the criteria of wearing black is much the same in winter and summer.

From Cossack riders parading in signature black uniform on a scorching day at the Royal Welsh Show to my once neighbour, the Bishop of Hydra, Greece, roaming the island in full black clerical dress in the height of summer, seeing these people in good spirits does make you think that sensible black tailoring can be worn all-year-round.

Assessing the mood of wearing black, one might associate it with sombre occasions, but Sergio Guardì, Barbanera's co-founder, is more upbeat. He says: “Black is not sad. Black is rebellion, but also, it is soft-spoken and yes a bit moody or dark”. Many reserve black for the evening but Guardì is of the opinion that it can and should be worn before sundown. “I have some black bespoke suits I wear on informal occasions, even during the day, just with a shirt and boots — but you know, I’m a Johnny Cash fan,” he jokes.


    Freddie Anderson


    May 2022


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