Bold Colours and how to wear them

7 Minute Read Whether you’ve got a strong appetite or not for sporting bright colours, there are rules to abide by. Don’t be put off though, the summer is prime time to show your flamboyant side, and it’s possible to make some real style statements if done with a degree of sensibility.
Gunter Sachs and Brigitte Bardot

Recognising the most influential subcultures, the use of colour in fashion has been a key ingredient in codifying their identity. Fans of gothic rock embraced the colour black, the Beat Generation helped popularize kaleidoscopic colour patterns, whilst the aristocratic fops of early Georgian London had a penchant for loud and elaborate hues as a result of their coming-of-age Grand Tour in Italy, which became known as ‘Macaroni’ fashions.

Bold colours have the power to inject personality into an otherwise conventional outfit. However, it would be frustrating if your use of palette, pattern and fabric manufactured a character that wasn’t a true reflection of yourself. There are many pitfalls to playing around with bold colours, but there are also countless avenues that have you striking the right balance. You only have to take heed of Luca Rubinacci who is a study in sprezzatura: think purple trousers, mixed patterns and resplendent Belgian loafers – all of which can be worn with real pizzazz and panache, if paired appropriately.

Tailored Jackets

The key to styling jackets in bolder colour is subtlety, which is where Nick Foulkes and Luca Rubinacci master the art. The best partner to a strong checked jacket from brands such as Huntsman, Lardini and Stile Latino is a white shirt, which also gives you the option to wear a flamboyantly decorated silk tie.


Freddie Anderson


June 2022


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